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četvrtak, siječanj 13, 2011
It was great to be in Rijeka for so long and to celebrate the New Year with my friends. The smells and sounds of the see, nice weather. The Sun was constantly playing with the city for several days, I was able to make some good photos. The celebration itself was great, in a small coastal village of Jadranovo and in its large Rock Club. Like in the good old times before the Turbo Folk 'Tsayke' Music emerged from the depth of Balkans and covered us with the musical shit flood.

Back to Budapest. The weather is stil mercifull. At work nothing much has happened, next week I'm flying to Brussels. After that I guess I will be allowed to start visiting customers. Let the fox into the chicken house. Sort of.

I'm preparing with for the Bukapest Contest in Vittula on Jan 25th with large excitment and anticipation. It's all about writing some stuff in a 'Bukowski way' and reading it in the Vittula Club. The best author will be presented with a bottle of whiskey. It will be great fun.

My stress level has fallen from 8 (out of 10) some 3 months ago to level 2 today. I'm cozy. Fanni is also OK (althogh she faces some more stress), we're still inventing funny names for eachother as we slowly approach the 9th year of our relationship.

I've met with the director and the cast of the SRO, we are slowly preparing for the next season. In the same time I got some really interesting offers from other places as well. We'll se where will that acting thing take me to.

I've decided to start studying Turkish. Not because the Turkish soap operas (like some people in the old country), although I'd like to be able to watch these and learn more, but because that's something I wanted to do for a long time now.

Have some problems with a certain apartment credit in Croatia, it's making me kind of worried. Croatia at the moment reminds me of the Phoenix bird, just this bird is more likely to burn to death then to be reborn from the flames. I wouldn't like to burn together with her, so I'll sell the apartment. I don't even want think of how much money did I lose with that. Whatever.

And that's it. Let the 2011 roll.


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subota, prosinac 4, 2010
In Communism we used to fear for our lives, in Capitalism we fear the
same way for our Bank Accounts.
You knew that already? Of course you did.

In Communism Lives were equal to Fear which gave stength to the Dogma.
In Capitalism Dogma is kept alive by Money which enables us to have
Of course, you understand that.

We live in the world entirely built upon Lies. You know that, but you
also know that these lies keep your wallet full of paper.

Other people die so that we could live. Yes, I now that you know, and
I know that you have kids and you want all the best, for them at

Empires come and go, Systems rise up and disappear. No news in that.

Continents move, Nature is in a constant change. Yes, everyone who takes
a glimpse at the National Geographic Channel knows that. The Time is
limited, so let’s live day by day, tying to take the best out of it,
and not asking too much questions.

We are all Slaves and live in Fear. Of course, well, that’s the Human
Nature, a normal state of things.

The systems we live in are kept alive by shamefully transparent and
half-witted rhetorics. Of course, you know that, you’re not naive. You
know that everything’s a lie. But you have to tolerate that lie
because it’s built in into the fundations of your World.

Freedom is the essence of the Universe, its basic pattern that gives birth
to Logic. All Logic. Sure, that’s obvious. An empty phrase.

Well, none of us (myself included) will not try to stop the Fear, The
Dogma, the Lie, Death and Explotation, non of us will not try to
change the System, break the chains of false rhetorics. But every
country, every society, every man WILL try to stop or restrict Freedom
or some of its forms.

Why is that?! If our species is so clever and developed, where does
this anomaly come from? No need to answer, of course.

That’s why we have pople like J. Assange. If today would be a few
years before the year 0 AC, those who think that they know everything would
call Assange Jesus.

Politicans say that Assange’s work is bad because it causes a terrible
damage to the system. Oh, really? Well, that’s why people like Assange
exist-to seriously damage the System. Because the System sunk into
evil beyond repair.
Politicians say that Assange’s work is really rude and uncivil. Oh,
excuse him please, and go back to Killing and Plunder.

Of course, Politicians of today have to say what they have to say.
Play their rolles till the end. They can kill Assange and thousands
that think like him. But their time is finished anway. Their continent
is a few minutes before sinking.
They can kill some more people, create a few more addicts, drop a few
more lies. But the game is almost over.

There’s no stop for Freedom, and even less for Time (if these two are not a different realizations of the same thing). The Future is
coming. If we manage to build a new, better System (which I doubt)
that would last for at least 100 years before it would have to be
changed, our Grandchildren will look upon our times with shame and

Assange in Jail? LOL. Where, in America, Europe, Asia, Africa,
Australia or China?

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subota, studeni 27, 2010
Well, well. I'm here after 6 months. What's new, except 5 comments on my last post by an imbecil trying to talk me into playing on-line poker, and useless and very much unwanted window on the right side of the screen displaying some nonsense news? A lot!

I felt this was a year for changes. It would take me 3 blogs to tell you all about it, but I won't. Just the basics:

- quit my job, had enough of promotion in this life and a few next reincarnations

- had one pf the best Summer vacations in my life, it was Fanni, me, Island of Pag, green Skoda, stone desert, Bob Marley CD and a lot of bunnies and sheep

- after Summer got a very well payed job as sales in the meat industry, but that job took all of my time and energy, so - I quit. And will never again fall in the chains of the East European "Capitalcomunism"

- during Summer Fanni 'made me' take some Impro acting classes. I met some great people, and got a role in a real play in the Merlin Theatre

- got a job in a very nice company just 50 meters from where I live. it's also a Sales job, but I like the style of this office and I hope to make the best of it

- after 4 weeks of rehearsals, I survived the Premiere night and 2 shows (one more to go on Dec 1st) of the Standingroom Only play in the Merlin. Audience loves us and every show is sold out. 


- this year I had some great fun, had time to think about some of my long forgotten theories, I wrote quite a lot, travelled from Albania to Bretany in France, I did some drawings, met some great people, and I was more or less constantly broke. A good year. 

And my Facebook account still did not kill Tutekistan.


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srijeda, svibanj 12, 2010
 Last  few months were mostly calm. I started working again, and it was quite hard to get used to it again. Although I remained in Export Sales, I seem to have much more free time than I used to have while working in previous companies. I reduced my social life to a minimum but still I had some really great times. I have enough money again to support my lifestyle, so I’ve been enjoying a lot, egoistically and alone or with Fanni, in all of the daily rituals that make me realy happy.

I’ve been to Pécs, and I travelled three times to Zagreb on business. Lately I have been writing as well, and I’m full of ideas for new stories.Writing goes much slower than it used to, but that’s not only a bad thing.

Fanni and I first decided to get married this August, but than faced the reality-we are short of time and probably short of money. There’s too many insecurities around us at the moment, so we decided to postpone the marriage to next August. This time we are really serious, and we know what we want – next August will be the time. Otherwise, we are really happy together, a well practiced married couple without marriage.

The weather is just great, even the Spring showers cannot destroy the feeling. In the last few months I have walked more than 60 km through all parts of Budapest, and I made hundreds of photos. I also discovered some great new Chinese, Turkish and Indian restaurants, but the joy is overshadowed by the fact that Fanni’s keeping me on diet for almost a month now. I lost more than 6 kg!

Fanni and I have attended theatre and a few expositions and concerts. We have two more concerts scheduled for the next two weeks. I also have to travel to Zagreb, and then to Ljubljana. I’m really looking forward to the Ljubljana trip because I hope to cheat on my diet a bit with a few Slovenian cakes and muffins which are in my mind for a long time now.

It’s a calm life. We did have three action film episodes: a part of the inner balcony (about 30kg, mostly wall paint) fell off, and landed just in front of our doors. It was a 5 meter fal, and if someone was in front of the door, he’d or she’d get hurt seriously. Then the neighbours cat sneaked into our apartment and lived here secretly for 3 days! It did not make a sound when we were near, and it never started running when it was afraid. Only when one night it took a leak on my mother’s legs (she was visiting, and sleeping in the sofa) we realized that something’s not right. Early in the morning next day the clandestine cat was finally noticed, and cought by Fanni and the neighbour around 3 o’clock am. In the end, a water pipe broke int he kitchen, flooding most of the apartment in less than 20 seconds. Luckily, I was home and I reacted fast. There was no serious damage, and the result was that we cleaned the whole place and made many useful repairs and changes. The pipe (small one conecting the main water valve with the sink) was replaced the next day.

Last Friday Sanjin, a good friend from Rijeka, was visiting, and Ginto joined us on Saturday. We indulged ourselves with 3 day constant parties, walking, and visiting restaurants. It was like in the old times. I did not eat too much because of the diet, but I enjoyed other possibilities. Great times.

The only source of worry right now is my work – the global and local state of economy is alarming, and I’m able to make only small and slow steps. I hope I will be able to start the business and stay in the company untill I’m needed here. But even if I don’t manage to keep the job – that’s Sales. I don’t worry too much. I’ll do my best, and after this job Ican find only a better one.

I’m working on some old ideas, letting the time take its course. We’ll see.

To conclude, I had a great 3 months, and I can only hope to finish this hard year in the same spirits. My heart already ticks in the Summer way, and I can hardly wait to spend some time ont he beach in Greece and later Croatia.



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srijeda, veljača 24, 2010
Hello boys and girls! This was one of the longest and coldest winters in my life. Everytime I saw a bit of a blue sky and hoped for the sunshine, in the evening the snow blizzard would come. We had snow and ice in the inner courtyard constantly from December to the second half of February. I can’t say it didn’t disturb me. But a last Saturday the Winter gave its last performance this year, a strong blizzard (which found us in the Buda Hills) followed by a warm, sunny day. It has been that way for four days now, and it’s etting warmer. The smell of Spring is here (as much as you can feel that at the Moszkva Square, but it’s probably easier to feel it here than in Pest), birds are singing, warm spring clouds sometimes run fast over the blue sky making us take our umbrellas for a walk. And days are longer, it gets dark around 5.20. I really love this part of the year. I’ve been to Pécs in February and got some bad news regarding the PhD, it won’t be so easy as I thought. On the oter hand, I was writing a lot. I met with Mark, he’s back to Budapest, nad he inspired me to try myself in movie script writing. I downloaded a lot about script writing from Internet, so now I’m studying and preparing for that project. In the same time I’m reading some books on Croatian history and Grammar. This year Hungary changed some rules regarding the work permit. Because of that and other reasons, I still have to wait about a week or maximum two weeks to finally start working in the office. Till than I’m working at home, and I already have success in it. The situation in the market is getting better, and I finally have a good product. Can’t wait to start working seriously. Fanni is fine, she had a few hard days signing a new contract with her current company (after the trial period expired), and it was all very well resolved. She will have a decent payment, and she likes the place where she works. Right now we are trying to find a gallery in Budapest which would pun on her photo exposition. Almost every day I used to meet up with Fanni at Astoria where she works, and than we would go to eat at the Chinese or at the Green’s. We’d have a half an hour to talk and walk a bit. These were the best moments in February. Although our situation regarding the money wasn’t too good in February, we managed to have a lot of fun. Fanni attenden quite a lot of parties, and I followed here a few times. After some insecurity and a bit of fear, we’re back on tracks and know exactly what to do in the next 4-5 months. Then some great changes should happen. I’ve also met with Peter a few times. We had a great Carnival party at Merlin, and than we met up a few times for a lunch or a beer. The other day I met with Kornél and we had a great time in the renewed Gyöngy kocsma at the end of the Lövőház Street. I have to do so many things and write, edit, translate so many texts… And lately I’m so lazy! I guess I’ll have a few sleepless nights to get these things in order. My mom is in Rijeka from today, Fanni and I were supposed to join her on Thursday, but we changed plans and won’t go now. I’m really, really sorry for that and getting terribly homesick. I’d give anything to smell the Spring at Zurkovo Beech and drink a coffee on Korzo… I guess next time I can come home will be only in Summer, but that’s not bad either. I’m going to jump to the small Chinese now to eat something. I’d like to take a walk as well, but feel like watching and not moving my legs. Anyway, I have enough work home. Anyway, that’s all. Cheers
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petak, siječanj 22, 2010
Snow surprised me early in the morning in Budapest yesterday, I fought my way thru the white storm and got into the train 6.30 am. In the evening I saw the sun on fire over the mountain Ucka from a bus. Home again.
Today was a very bussy day, I had a lot of birocratic work to do, but despite of that and a bunch of impolite and frustrated people, I did have a great day. Took a walk near the sea as well. It is very interesting how people in Rijeka stare at my cap. I am starting to belive that I have a wrong cap for Rijeka, or a anti-rijekan cap. But I met with my good friend Mr. Velnic, an what do you know, he has an even weirder head cover. Just another reason to respect the man. We took a drink with Mr. Zic at the Belgian Pub. That is my Rijeka, the one that I love.
I am totally exhausted. Tonight I have to meet some friends in Palach and surrounding facilities, tomorrow a few coffees, and Sunday is reserved for walking on the beach of Zurkovo and the communication with the sea.
We, my mom and me, we are leaving to Budapest on Monday. Again bus and the train. I really hope that the snow will not cause too many delays.
I got the new job, it is now confirmed, starting on 8th of February. I have to relax a lot till then.

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četvrtak, siječanj 14, 2010
Fanni and I did not plan anything for the NY celebration, and in the end it turned out great. Last two weeks I'm relaxing, reading, walking, and the most important, writing again! A longer, more or less 50 pages, story came to life during three feverish nights. It is probably terribly irresponsible thing to say, but unemployed life is so sweet! Yesterday I was looking for some documents I stashed away a year ago, couldn't find them for 20 hours. During my exhausting search, I cleaned the whole apartment, and sorted my books and other stuff in some logical order. I also did some repairs which needed to be done long time ago. I have a few job opportunities and probably will start working in February. I'm pretty indifferent about that. In the next two weeks of January my plan is to sleep more, write more, read more, walk more, have fun with Fanni! So, sweet times. Can't wait for the day to get longer (it gets dark at 4.20 pm at the moment, and it's pretty cold). Cheers
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petak, prosinac 25, 2009
Hey my friends, I'm having a good time here in this life. Last week the water pipes froze and wemoved to the Margit Spa Hotel. Used the travel checks:o) Now we are in Szombathely celebrating that barbarian thing they call X-mas. So much booze and so little time. Tomorrow we are off to Austria.
In January a new job is waiting forme. No matter how much I try, I just cannot find anything bad in my story. 
Elmegyek, Máté Péter. Try it on youtube or in Kispipacs piano bar.
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subota, prosinac 5, 2009
Last day of November I went for a meeting in Zagreb, next day 1st December in the morning I was driving towards the dentist, the rain was pouring, I went thru a red light, and there was a police car just behind me. I came out of it with the minimal fine of 20.000. Came to work, and the leader of the Financial department, a funny figure, told me I was fired. First thing I though of-shit, how will we use all of those travelling checks Fanni had collected at her previous workplace now when we won't have a car? I was sure that I'd be fired only in January 2010. Anyway, I got the doe, and left the company with a smile on my face. I think I'm out of Sales for good. The loss of a car and other goodies doesn't really touch me-I hate driving (and getting fined all the time), and Sales travelling... To hell with it all! I was aware of the fact that leaving Anda in the middle of the crisis wasn't the best idea, but I couldn't stand that place anymore. As I really did not plan to spend my life selling key chains, I left, and I'll never regret that. And I went back to Promix knowing that this was a career suicide. But I totally did not care about it. I thought to give it a try-just for the hell of it-and when I found the company in even worse state than when I've left it (I'm talking mainly about the HR), I knew that my efforts were in vain. It was a peaceful and comfortable 3 months (and I also got the visa till 2011) which gave me time to make plans for my future. Non-sales future. Nevertheless, I was a bit surprised with an early sacking. So, I have two big plans now regarding the job, but it's still not the time to talk about it. My life this week... Strange, I have so much time for myself, and I can hardly believe how much I neglected my private life in the past 4 years... I met up with Tom the other day, he discovered the Nyitott Műhely for me-an amazing apartment-gallery and artist club just 5 minutes from my place. We saw a great movie there. Then we went to Cha cha Bar which moved to Déli Train station a few weeks ago. My plan now is to walk a lot (weather is quite bad at the moment), read, paint, and write. As soon as I got fired, I also got at least 5 ideas for a story... My only concern is the money, but I guess I can pull it out till February, and by then I should have a new job. So, boys and girls, it's time to make up for the lost time! Cheers
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utorak, studeni 24, 2009

Last week we’ve been to Rijeka, Croatia. After a lot of unexpected problems and stress, we have successfully put on and opened Fanni’s photo exposition Plesovi svjetla/Fénytáncok in the Galery Palach. Photos looked great in large black frames on white walls, and Fanni’s face looked even better framed with hapiness. Next day in Narodna citaonica of Rijeka we made the presentation of my new book Ljudi koje sam izmislio, and it went really well. It seems that people show real interest for my writing, and the big news is that the publisher is ready to start the second edition of Zlatna pirana!

We went to the Sea spent some time in famous bars of Rijeka. The weather was OK as well, no rain, and that’s rare in Rijeka in November. Although I’m a bit afraid of Rijeka’s size (refering to the possibilities of finding a job), now I am sure that I want to come back home. Fanni is 100% suporting that idea. I really hope that sometimes by the end od 2010 I will already be back to Rijeka for good. My plan is to buy a small house or a terrain somewhere in the suburbs or in the 30 km radius from the center, and start a quiet job witha a garden.


Strange times. I feel like a small ship on the opened sea before the storm. Business is absolutely not happening. I knew that, taking this job, I had two options: make the business and become „famous sales”, OR get a great payment and car, and basically bring no money to the company-and that’s always bad karma. I’m glad I trusted myself so much. Nevertheless, to start this business in the midst of crisis, in promotion, and from this company-it’s seems impossible now. I will do my job right till the end of the year, and than we will see. I really hope for the career change. And returning to Rijeka goes well with all that.


I can say now-this was a good year. Compared with 2007/2008 (one of the most stressful times im my life), this year was an excursion to peace and luxury. I had everything I wanted, and those things I didn’t like-I got rid of them. Fanni and I had a great time, and we even got to travel a lot together. I was mostly calm and satisfied. Till the end of the year Fanni and I have one big project: spend all of the „üdölési csekk” (travel checks) in different Thermal Spas all around the country. Will be done.


I’m excited about the 2010 because I know it means a lot of changes, and a lot of new experiences. Can’t wait.


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